Hi, My name is Julia Gordon. It’s nice to see you here! I love to draw and color manga and anime cartoons. Now I want you to please read and understand the following statement. I am not an artist teacher or a professional. I just do this as a hobby and because I enjoy sharing the knowledge. Sharing is caring right?

It is my pleasure to show you everything I know here on Manga Tuts. Learn how to draw and color your manga and anime characters. Whether you are doing it traditionally using pencil and paper, or digitally using applications like Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai, the tutorials here may suit you. These easy step by step tutorials include images and or videos which shows you how to:

  • Draw manga body proportions.
  • Draw manga faces.
  • Give your characters hair styles.
  • Make various backgrounds and patterns.
  • Draw clothes and accessories.
  • Use color wheel to create harmonious palettes.
  • Color and shade your manga or anime.
  • Create and customize brushes in digital drawing applications.
  • Draw chibis…and more.

I hope that what I do here will help you learn how to draw your own manga or anime characters. Come on in. Make yourself at home. It’s all free!


My tutorials here aren’t saying that this is the correct way to draw manga or anime cartoons. This is just my way of doing it. If you like it, take what you can get from it and enjoy.

Good Luck to You!

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